An early monochrome version of Rob's engine monitor.
The kids and Rob's RV-4 at AirVenture circa 2002

Started in 1999, Advanced Flight Systems is a classic entrepeneurial story. An electrical engineer with software expertise, founder/owner Rob Hickman began building his own engine monitor during construction of his RV-4. Other local builders expressed interest and the company was born. Rob's story was even the subject of an article in the October 2004 issue of Sport Aviation Magazine.

After becoming one of the most popular engine monitoring systems available for experimental aircraft, the AF-2500 grew into much more than a mere engine monitor. It became an "aircraft monitoring system" featuring other airframe monitoring and notification systems, a fuel featured fuel computer, and an engine data acquisition instrument.

In 2004 AFS purchased the the line of AOA instruments from Jim Frantz of Proprietary Software Systems. AFS continued to support the standalone AOA instruments, but began integrating the patented AOA technology into its expanding line line of glass cockpit products.

In 2006 AFS announced a strategic partnership with AHRS maker Crossbow Technology and a further expansion of its product line — multi-function displays AF-3400 and AF-3500 were introduced along with EFIS functionality.

As new products are introduced AFS knows its success is built on customer support. Through its growing installed base of engine monitors, AOA systems, and now EFIS displays, Advanced is proud of the solid reputation it has earned.




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