We'd like to show your engine monitor installation to other builders. If you'd like to submit yours please send an e-mail to and include the following information: your name, aircraft type, picture of instrument in the panel, picture of plane, and any comments you'd care to share about the product. Be sure and include a link to your web page if you have one.
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Pilot: Randy Lervold, Washington
Aircraft: RV-3B
Comments: Of course I haven't been able to fly with it yet, but this is quite a unit -- it lets me save valuable panel space. The screen is bright and logically laid out, can't wait to fly it.

Pilot: Scott Seabourn
Aircraft: F1 Rocket
Comments: The Advanced 2002 engine monitor is a masterpiece of engineering from Rob, and his customer service is the best in the business. No one but Rob will give out their cell phone # for asistance with install or calabration asistance 7 days a week. He is # 1 in my book and I would recomend his unit to anyone.

Pilot:  Don Karich
Aircraft: Lancair Legacy
Comments: I'm more than happy to share positive feedback regarding my AFS2000 engine monitor. It is dialed in and working perfectly (not without some minor glitches) thanks to the superb installation by Advantage Avionics (Mark Kreuger and his exellent technicians) and thorough factory support which was quickly forthcoming and generously given. I would not hesitate to recommend this fine team. I find the monitor easy to use, understand, and read . I was very well thought out and works as advertized.

Pilot:  Jack Fromm
Aircraft: RV-8
Comments: I have one of the earliest units and initially had some data corruption issues and a couple of sensors go bad. New sensors were in the mail the same day I called and the data issues were resolved by downloading the latest software release. Unit has performed flawlessly since (75 hours). I think the display has the most intuitive layout of any monitor on the market. I love it.

Pilot:  Mike Stewart
Aircraft: RV Super 8
Comments: This is by far the most modern engine monitor in the business. This little gem is the cats meow in terms of price and function. Easy to use, the AF-2500 is full of features which I use every minute of every flight. With the crowded and limited panel space of my tandem RV-8, the built in added features of trim & fuel quality make this worth its weight in gold just in the panel space alone. Can you believe the fuel quality changes to reflect whether my tail is down or up in my tail dragger? I mean how cool is that? Everything has worked from day one and I have nothing but great things to say about the company and the product. I do a lot of flight testing for experimental product manufacturers and let me tell you, these guys are on the ball and will own this market space. Recently I completed an injector flow balance using the AF-2500, see here for details. Keep up the good work AFS!

Pilot: Rob Hickman
Aircraft: RV-4

Pilot: Mike Robbins, Sammamish, WA
Aircraft: RV-8
Comments: I have the Sport AOA and find it a good supplement to the airspeed indicator, although not a replacement. I find it difficult to hold the ideal two amber light condition on approach, so I still use the airspeed as my primary reference, with the AOA as a backup. I do credit it with possibly saving my bacon once when I had only a few hours on the plane and did a pull-up at pattern altitude. I suddenly noticed all the red LEDs illuminate, and quickly unloaded, avoiding a low altitude stall. So with that incident alone I felt it was money well spent. It is also quite useful when doing aerobatics as it alerts you to approach to stalls when pulling 'g's where the airspeed indicator is useless.

Pilot: John Huft, Colorado
Aircraft: RV-8
Comments: I like the location since it is easy to take in when landing, and also in my peripheral vision, so it acts like a stall warning, when I see red, I release back pressure. I'm pleased to see Rob taking over on the product, it is well worth supporting.






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